A circular mahagony slice slashed in two, charred and "repaired" with resin. » read more


Meaning "sacred grove," the Lucus lamp builds on a circular slice of sustainably harvested mahogany. Slashed in two and charred along the edges, the wood then is "repaired" with resin for a unique burned effect. The slab stands on edge on a transparent base under a white shade to better display its rich henna hues to admiring gazes. This lamp will keep you marveling over how divided wood can look so divine.

Customization Options

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Distinctive Shape

The Lucus series comes in a circular or rectangular shapes.

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Resin options

This series resin comes in two versions: crystal clear or smokey smooth.

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Sustainable Wood

We understand our responsibility towards the world's Forests. Lucus is therefore only produced using sustainable mahogany wood.

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