Color scheme running to rich black, veined with gray and white, rough edges softened with gilding. » read more


Marmor is Latin for "marble," long a symbol of imperial luxury. That stone appears at its royal best in this rectangular slab, enthroned on a transparent base and crowned with a pristine shade. Here, the color scheme runs to rich black veined with gray and white, the rough edges softened with gilding. However, each piece of marble is unique, so its opulence can vary in accordance with the color scheme of your own palace.

Customization Options

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Various Materials

This series offers a selection of different coloured marble (images upon request).

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Numerous finishes

Marmor comes in various finishes such as gold or whitegold (images upon request).

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No Lamp will be identical. Thanks to the high veins consistency of our product, each lamp will look unique.

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